Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

15% ABV, 30 Proof

Our Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cream liqueur is cozy blankets, home-cooked meals, and warm fuzzies all bottled up in a delicious, sippable treat. It’s the perfect balance of sweet brown sugar and spicy cinnamon that brings to mind all things fall in the South: crunchy leaves, football games, Thanksgiving traditions, and perfect sweater weather.

We love Brown Sugar Cinnamon baked into a pumpkin pie or poured into hot or iced coffee; it’s delicious in a sweet glaze over a cake and perfect in a warm batch of cinnamon rolls. We’re huge fans of Brown Sugar & Cinnamon cream stirred into hot or iced coffee; it’s perfectly blended with Tennessee Whiskey to help your cup of joe warm you just right from the inside out.


Silver, 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Our Favorite Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Recipes

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

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