Just like your surroundings in the stadium are a prime part of the game day experience, such is
the set up at your Super Bowl party.

You may not be able to set off fireworks or present a
display of flames at kickoff, but a victory arch of balloons over your bar is a competitive choice. Hang the DIY balloon garland with removable Command Strips hooks and fishing line for quick construction and damage-free demolition of the display.

For this particular party, I take pleasure in flexing one of my favorite entertaining tips. Should
your everyday artwork not exactly go with the theme of the party, simply execute this play designed for an easy score in decor:

1. Measure the size of the artwork then cut a piece of brown craft paper to cover it.
2. Use a black marker to draw football plays on the paper.
3. Painters tape will gently attach the paper to the wall over top of your artwork. 

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