Sprinkles Rimmed Banana Pudding Cocktail

Banana Pudding Cream

Every party needs a signature cocktail. This sprinkle rimmed cocktail is sure to be the talk of the party. You can pre garnish the glasses for easy hosting. Use any color sprinkles you like to fit the theme of your gathering. 


Vanilla Frosting (Store bought works great), Garnish

Sprinkles, Garnish

2 Parts Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in banana pudding 

1 Part Vanilla Vodka 


Using a butter knife, spread frosting on the edge of a glass. Place sprinkles on a plate, then dip glass into the sprinkles. You may need to press the sprinkles into the frosting. Set aside. 

In a cocktail shaker with ice, add Jackson Morgan and vanilla vodka. Shake well, then strain into frosting garnished glass. Enjoy!

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