Spooky Sprinkles Cocktail

Whipped Orange Cream

Guests lurking for libations will growl for this daring drink garnished with green frosting and spooky sprinkles. Expect ghoulish grins all around inspired by the indulgent flavor of the main ingredient - Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in Whipped Orange Cream. 


1-2 Drops of Green Food Coloring 

2 Tablespoons Vanilla Frosting 

1 Tablespoon Spooky Halloween Sprinkles 

6 Ounces Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in Whipped Orange Cream 


Mix the vanilla frosting with food coloring until desired color is reached. Frost the edge of a cocktail glass with the green frosting. Place sprinkles on a plate and dip frosting edge into the sprinkles. You may need to press the sprinkles into the glass. Add ice to the garnished glass then top with Jackson Morgan. Garnish with a paper straw with a pumpkin marshmallow on it. 

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