Why not elevate your typical tailgate? Upgrade event decor with a nod to the season by featuring fall’s favorite floral – mums! These pretty perennials will last long after the final whistle blows, so they can definitely pull double duty for additional fun fall gatherings.

Whether seating or serving is taking place from the tailgate, draping a quilt or blanket not only provides a pop of color but also helps protect your space from crumbs and spills. As the host, that is a real Win-Win. Place pumpkins where you need a punch of color or visual variety in shape or texture.Go for the extra point with a durable outdoor rug that invites friends and fans over to sip, snack, shout, and celebrate your team. These folding bamboo chairs enhance the seating situation and are a smidge nicer than your average camp chair.

This season, serve Jackson
Morgan Southern Cream in whipped orange cream and cheer on the Vols. Stock your menu with satisfying grab and go bites like mini ham and cheese sandwiches, charcuterie in cups,
fresh fruits, boozy French toast sticks, and a full iced coffee bar.

Since we pull for Tennessee, I offered orange soda, pumpkin beer, and orange sparkling water for other orange options. Push
your team colors where you can!

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