You ever walk into a gift shop or boutique and pick up a holiday candle and when you twist the top and take in the scent, it literally smells like “Christmas”. Although you may not be able to describe the specific notes or reason that it reminds you of the holiday, your nose just knows. I have this same reaction to my favorite holiday cocktail. When I serve it to friends and family, I can actually see from their expression the moment that they taste “Christmas” in the cocktail. Stir up some Jackson Morgan Southern Cream peppermint mocha spiked hot chocolate and watch guests really drink in the holiday.

Personally, I always like to organize a beverage bar at my events. I enjoy the easy convenient access to cocktails it offers my guests, plus it is a bonus opportunity to play up accessories and decor. This cookie swap was no different, only with a holiday twist. I set up a self-serve hot chocolate station with peppermint sticks and peppermint bark as a garnish for cocoa and cocktails. The framed invitation made for a unique yet fun and fitting art piece to feature. Lettermade cocktail napkins with a monogram in a festive red hue really brought both flair and function to the layout. As a finishing touch, I also added a few gifts from under the tree to the bottom of the cart for color and decoration.