Sugar Cookie Cocktail

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

Take pleasure in the sweet sentimental taste of holiday sugar cookies with this simple yet satisfying cocktail. Featuring Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in brown sugar and cinnamon flavor paired with vanilla vodka, sips of this splendid drink will take you back to evenings in front of the fireplace with a decorated Christmas tree. 


Vanilla Frosting, Garnish 

Christmas Sprinkles, Garnish 


2 Parts Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in Brown Sugar and Cinnamon 

1 Part Vanilla Vodka 


Frost the edge of a cocktail glass with vanilla frosting. Then dip in sprinkles. You may need to press the sprinkles into the glass for them to stick.

In a cocktail shaker filled halfway with ice. Add Jackson Morgan and vodka. Shake well and strain into garnished glass. Cheers!

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Brown Sugar & Cinnamon