There are countless enjoyable occasions for celebrating in the spring that truly make hosting a
breeze. A fiesta theme holds a ton of party potential. Bright colors and flavorful foods are key
players in this social gathering. 

I selected a set of Fiestaware that was prime for serving the specific dishes for this shindig. Chips and salsa is a tasty yet simple appetizer that comes together quickly. For the main dish, I served Southwestern Taco Pie from Southern Baked Pie, featuring their special house-made taco seasoning and hearty beef and bean filling. One taste will tell you why this is one of my favorite last minute dinners. I offered a spread of festive toppings including shredded cheese, spicy jalapenos, cool sour cream, juicy tomatoes, and sliced red onion. 

To keep dessert aligned with the fiesta theme, I served up bowls of boozy fried ice cream. (Stick around The Sip for this recipe – coming soon.) Finally, a custom cocktail kicks up the fun factor of any fiesta! Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in bread pudding flavor garnished with a cinnamon stick and lime wedge makes a delicious festive dinner drink.

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