Even if hosting Easter Brunch is new to you, do not put pressure on yourself to branch out or stray from the menu your family and friends are accustomed to. Stick with tradition and serve up your usual spiral ham and spring side dishes, there is no shame in playing it safe with the main menu for the meal. Fear not, there is room to get rambunctious with your cocktails and desserts. Bake up a batch of boozy bunny cakes with a splash of spiked coffee to put a fun festive cap on your holiday feast. 

Main Menu 

Spiral Ham

Green Beans

Deviled Eggs 

Mac and Cheese

Cheese Straws 

Dinner Rolls 


Boozy Bunny Cake 

Lemon Pie from Southern Baked Pies


Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Banana Pudding Coffee 

Jackson Morgan Southern Cream Banana Pudding White Russian Cocktail