Is it just me, or is there something different and special about summer entertaining? Not that formal is not fun, but I feel like there is an unspoken understanding that celebrations during this season will be more low key and relaxed. As the host, this relieves some of that underlying pressure for everything to be perfect and allows you to focus more on folks in attendance along with fun themes and features. For example, hosting a lobster boil in Tennessee may sound like an anomaly, but it also sounds like a good time! You may have to be willing to think outside the box when putting together a unique theme. Thankfully, I found a delicious lobster roll food truck to supply the main dish. Keep your eyes peeled for unexpected treasures that match your motif.

The tablecloth, placemats, and napkins were all lucky finds from HomeGoods. It is hard to be sure what the summer weather will bring, so it is best to be prepared. I opted to use melamine plates in case a sweet summer breeze invited the party to move outdoors. I am fairly certain Ruthie and Oliver Letterpress thought I was crazy when I requested our names hand-lettered on lemons to serve as place card settings. The tiny touch was totally worth the question in my sanity. A simple centerpiece comprised of a striped vase featuring grocery store flowers completed the lively tablescape.