Did you catch our Halloween outdoor movie theater post earlier this week? We wanted to dive into more of the technical details for recreating this at home. We learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

Screen Set Up

The set up for the outdoor theater is quite simple. All you need is an outdoor movie screen, projector, computer, HDMI cord, and an extension cord depending on your location. Set up the screen (the one we used is linked below) and tethered it to something substantial just in case there is wind. You can use sandbags or large containers filled with water to keep the screen in place. We discretely hid this behind the brick pillars for our movie night. You can also use a sheet or the side of a house or barn instead of a screen.


Place a projector a few feet away, and you may have to adjust the distance if the movie does not fill the screen. Make sure your projector is placed high enough, we stacked hay bales and set it on top. Using an HDMI cord connect your computer to the projector and mirror your computer screen with the movie playing. You can add wireless speakers if you want louder sound. We used a bluetooth speaker to stream the sound from the movie, but the computer would be loud enough for a small group of guests.

Hopefully with these tips, you will not have any issues setting up your own outdoor movie theater. Kick back, have a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy a cocktail with the movie.

Please sip responsibly. You can shop this post below. All images Melissa Haithcock for Jackson Morgan Southern Cream.