At our popcorn bar, we offer movie-goers two flavors: buttered and caramel (boozy). This self-service style station features the popcorn nestled into handy harvest baskets with flavor choices clearly labeled for a simple scoop-and-go set up. Keep the tradition going with theater-inspired single-serve striped popcorn bags or buckets. Snackers can also feel free to scoop up some toppings from our tray, like mini peanut butter cups, candy pumpkins, candy corn, or chocolate candies and sprinkle them onto their popcorn as a sweet garnish. Depending on your friends and family, they might consider it a feature film fail to forget the movie candies, so know your audience and plan accordingly. 

Now Showing! Let viewers know what will be projected on the big screen by announcing the movie of the evening on a letterboard. If the film choice is a surprise, or if guests cast votes on which flick to watch, hosts could perform a reveal of the picture title on the letterboard for added Hollywood-style dramatic emphasis. Our letterboard is traditional in black and white pairs perfectly with our color scheme for this particular party. We opted for striped popcorn containers, serving baskets, signs, labels, serve wear, and gingham table throw also in black and white. Glints and gleams of color pop in with tinted glass and plump pumpkins throughout, not to mention our colorful assortment of candies on the snack bar.

Just like at the theater, you hope interruptions and distractions during the show are minimal. Think ahead and prevent friends from calling out to you from the snack bar as they try to remember where the boozy caramel popcorn is by creating signs or tags for items and flavors. Worried no one could decipher your chicken scratch writing? Whenever a need for signage pops up, we opt to feature hand-lettered signs by Ruthie and Oliver Letterpress. The wording is always clearly legible and the font is spirited, and Erica (owner) is a wiz at brush lettering.

On the same token, when the setting is dark, it is beneficial to offer a little lighting at your popcorn bar to prevent any crashes or snack-cidents. We use and abuse our battery-operated candles at events like this, they are so versatile and offer just enough light to be helpful and functional, yet not demanding or distracting. To add a decorative element, place the candles inside clear or tinted glass jars or festive shapes like pumpkins or witch’s cauldrons.

Sometimes it’s the tiny touches that make moments memorable. For our family, a few of us really feel like the striped popcorn containers truly set the tone. Others adored the subtle witch hat printed napkins we picked up from Lettermade. (Tip: Without a date or specific event title and sticking with a simple emblem, we can utilize these bewitching bev naps at other spooky shindigs.)

Anxious to sink your fangs into our boozy version of caramel popcorn? It’s a cliffhanger! Stay tuned… the recipe is coming up next!