Our station is decked out in vintage team decor from a throwback Tennessee pennant, puffy pom poms, foam fingers, old school orange megaphone, and a crate full of footballs. Who doesn’t dig this snazzy referee balloon? This guy might turn into a punching bag before the end of the game, but we saw him at Party Hat Paper Company and invited him to the shindig.

Feel a little friendly competition coming on? Divide into teams and break out the boards and bags! We all know cornhole is better with cocktails, so mix up Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in cute custom cups that echo your theme. We scooped up these “Go Ya’ll” and “Tailgating with Jackson Morgan” reusable plastic containers with lids and straws from our friends at Party Hat Paper Company. They take the stress out of party planning so we can focus on family and fun!

Stay tuned to see the starting line up on our Tasty Tailgating Menu.