What a festive fun opportunity to gather together with those near and dear to your heart for the holiday. Considering hosting the contest in your home? Do not fret the decor, traditional Christmas colors or your usual seasonal set up will work wonderfully. Here is a tip from a practiced gingerbread party proficient: use varying size and height cake stands to display pre-made gingerbread houses as the centerpiece. Monogrammed napkins from Lettermade also elevate your event. While they might seem fancy or elaborate for a party with such mess-making potential, have no fear – these napkins are both machine washable and bleachable. So after the votes are counted and the winning design is revealed, if your pals use it as a hanky after hearing contest results, no worries, even the sad stain of losers’ tears should wash out.

Now let’s chat cocktails. The icing on the gingerbread? Christmas cocktails pair perfectly with friendly competition. We love to serve seasonal favorites like Gingerbread Martinis or Spiked Hot Chocolate. I like to have a hot and cold cocktail option. Jackson Morgan Southern Cream in brown sugar and cinnamon, salted caramel, or peppermint mocha are the perfect cocktail flavors for this seasonal party.

Stay tuned for more fun from this festive party on the blog. Cheers!